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Experienced Veterinarianfor dogs and cats
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Serving Santa Clarita and Castaic, CA



Did you know that Mobile Veterinary Hospitals offer most of the same services that traditional brick and mortal hospitals offer including Wellness visits, Surgery, Anesthetic Dentals, Senior Care Management and when the time comes, helping your four legged family member cross over the rainbow bridge surrounded by family in the comfort and peace of their own home.

There are a lot of reasons to choose a mobile Veterinarian: 

  • In depth consultation with the doctor: Appointments typically last 30 minutes to 1 hour. This allows time for a detailed review of your pet's history, review of current medicines and diet, and an depth discussion on what's current going on with plenty of time for you to ask questions. 

  • Convenience: You no longer have to struggle with not only catching your cat but also getting them into a carrier and then listening to them howl all the way to the vet. You no longer have to listen to your barking dog all the way to the vet or deal with car sickness. And, if you have multiple pets, you can get everyone treated in one visit.

  • More accurate diagnosis due to less stress: Just like humans, our pets suffer from the "white coat" syndrome. Being in a strange place can cause heart rate to increase, blood pressure to increase and muscle tension. These things can adversely affect your pets examination and well as their lab test results.  


Preventative Medicine


Routine wellness visits including vaccinations. 
In depth consultations for itchy dogs and cats 

Surgery & Dentistry

 Our mobile surgical suite allows us to perform soft tissue surgeries and dentals under general anesthesia and dental x-rays.
Urgent Care Appointments


Urgent care appointments available during business hours.

Hospice and End of Life


Making your loved ones comfortable in their final days and euthanasia's

Our Services
About Us


Compassionate Care for the communities of Santa Clarita and Castaic

Welcome to a full service mobile clinic experience at your doorstep. We offer the following services: wellness visit (vaccinations), urgent care appointments, internal medicine, limited soft tissue surgery, in-hospital diagnostics (blood work, radiology, cytology). With our mobile surgical suite, we have the capability  to perform soft tissue surgeries, laceration repairs, surgical mass removals and anesthetic dentals. Just like a normal hospital, No Place Like Home also houses a micro pharmacy. No Place Like Home strives to help make senior pets comfortable in their later years. Although No Place Like Home's main focus is preventative care, however, we do offer limited at-home euthanasia's.


Experienced Professionals


Dr. Amelia Harris is a native New Yorker and pursued a dual bachelor’s degree in Biology and Spanish at Binghamton University in upstate New York. She completed her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, AL. She believes that nutrition plays a critical role in assuring a pet’s healthy life. Dr. Amelia believes in preventive medicine for early detection of disease, and she enjoys educating her clients about potential risk factors for their beloved pets. Dr. Amelia understands that our pets are an important part of our families. Her veterinary interests include dermatology, internal medicine and dentistry. In her free time Dr. Amelia enjoys spending time with her horse Lady, her two cats and her dog. She also enjoys learning about different cultures and traveling.


A Personal Approach


Our mission is to provide high quality veterinary medicine and care in a stress-free environment. Dr. Amelia is known as being one of the most thorough doctors in the Los Angeles area and the at-home service allows superior diagnostic ability as the animal is observed in its natural environment. We value the relationship, continued trust, and goodwill we establish with our clients. Courtesy, respect, and patience with clients and their pets are among our priorities. We are grateful that clients welcome us into their homes and they are entrusting us to care for their beloved family members. At No Place Like Home, the well being of your beloved pet is our primary concern.

Our Team
Dr. Amelia Harris
Dr. Amelia Harris

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine


Registered Veterinarian Technician

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Serving Santa Clarita and Castaic

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